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The ADAC Driver Training Course, following an extensive redesign, became part of the ADAC Driver Safety Facility.

The road grid on the driver training course now has a total length of 2.5 km.

Here we offer traffic-relevant and real traffic-like situations:

  • Roundabouts
  • Stop lights
  • One-way streets
  • Right-of-way regulations
  • Different parking situations
  • Starting uphill


In accordance with the latest regulation of the state government, we must comply with the 2-G rule.


Due to certain events or holidays, the driver training course will not be available on the following dates:


Who can use the course?

The ADAC Driver Training Course in Boksee is available to all ADAC members as well as non-members, and can be used (in compliance with the course regulations) by:

  • Learners (starting at age 16)
  • Drivers who haven’t used their vehicle on public roads in quite some time and feel somewhat unsecure
  • Drivers who wish to familiarize themselves with their new car
  • Automobiles with trailers and recreational vehicles up to 5 tons

The course may not be used by:

  • Motorcycles, motorbikes, and mopeds (not even with a sidecar)
  • Quads

Course opening hours

Mondays – Sundays, 09:00 – 18:00 (last entry at 17:00)
The opening hours are subject to change. The ADAC has the authority to limit the number of vehicles on the driver training course as well as the length of use.
Please note that the driver training course is closed during statutory holidays.

Course regulations

General Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Driver Training Course at the ADAC Driver Safety Facility Boksee of ADAC Schleswig-Holstein e.V..

Upon pulling the ticket, the user, as the vehicle operator, accepts the general terms and conditions. The use of the driver training course is permitted only with officially registered and insured vehicles, and the driver operates at his own risk. The regulations of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply throughout the training course, and the speed limit is 40 km/h. The driving course may be used by drivers age 16 and up. All practicing drivers must be accompanied during the entire drive by a passenger who is properly licensed for the vehicle, No pedestrians are permitted to enter the training course (road grid and green areas). For the use of the driver training course, ADAC Schleswig-Holstein e.V. shall assume no liability for any damages unless such damages are caused by grossly negligent or intentional actions of ADAC Schleswig-Holstein e.V., or if such damages cause an injury to life, body or health due to a negligent violation of duty by ADAC. Such violation of duty by ADAC Schleswig-Holstein e.V. is equivalent to any such violation by a legal representative or agent. In case of any damages, the damage-causing party may use the existing liability insurance for his vehicle to satisfy any third party claims. Any damages to facilities or other equipment of the driver training course caused by the practicing driver must be reported immediately to the course staff inside the seminar building.

Non-reported damages may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Two-wheeled vehicles, including motorbike combinations and quads, are prohibited on the driver training course.

All instructions by the course personnel must be followed without restrictions. Any non-compliance may result in the immediate dismissal from the course.


ADAC members
(please bring your
ADAC membership card)

EUR 11,50 for the first hour

EUR 5,50 for each additional 30 minutes, or parts thereof
Non-membersEUR 16,50 for the first hourEUR 9,50 for each additional 30 minutes, or parts thereof

Additional information is available at: Phone +49-4302-96981-0

ADAC Verkehrsübungsplatz
Dorfstr. 1
24220 Boksee